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For more than 30 years Logona has been blessing ladies around the world with breathtaking shimmering hair colors! Herbal hair dyes that are certified organic. True nature’s gift that offers completely natural composition and easy application. Logona Herbal Hair dyes shades range from golden blonde to deep brown. The formula includes organically grown herbs and pure plant oils such as henna, walnut shells, indigo, cassia, coffee, acacia, rhubarb, turmeric, beetroot, wheat proteins and jojoba oil.

Logona Herbal Hair dyes have been specially designed to use at home – all you need is to mix the powder with hot water (or brewed tea/coffee) and apply to clean and dry hair. If even that sounds complicated then there is another option – Logona Hair Color Creams that are ready to use straight out of the tube! And just so you know: all the hair dyes could be blended together thus creating your own unique shade.

What makes Logona Herbal Hair Dyes so unique?

1. They do not interfere with the natural shade of your hair – plant pigments do not replace your initial color. Rather they cover the hair in a protective glaze and make it fuller and voluminous.

2. Your hair gets stronger, softer and gains more sheen.

3. Your scalp condition becomes visibly improved – no more flaking or itching.

Every time you dye your hair with Logona you achieve the look which is a combination of your own hair color and herbal pigments. You can also dye your locks separately for the shimmering highlight.

Are Logona Herbal Hair dyes suitable for dyeing gray hair?

Absolutely! Grey hair absorbs herbal pigments very well and the shade look very natural – there is no “helmet effect”. However the coloring mechanism is totally different for gray hair – they are usually stay lighter. The more gray hair you have, the lighter is the final result. That’s why several applications are recommended. You can extra dye your hair 12 hours after the first coloring.

Logona Herbal Hair Dyes are long lasting. Those who dye their hair with permanent hair dyes notice the striking contrast between the growing roots and the rest – so called “root problem”. With natural hair dyes the difference is barely visible. Plant dyes wash out very slowly and if you dye your hair repeatedly they shine with bright and vivid colors every time. It is up to you – to dye only the roots, or apply the color over the total length of your hair. With permanent conventional hair dyes you can only do roots because of the damaging effect.

Coloring process:

1. Preparation. It is important that your hair is clean so that herbal dyes attach better to the surface. You can try using Logona Color Plus – special scrub with birch extract and green clay. It helps to remove all kinds of residue from hair and scalp surface. Spread it on a wet hair after shampooing, comb and leave for about 10 minutes to work. Then rinse, dry your hair and proceed with coloring. Please note that Logona Color Plus is not recommended to use more often that 2 times per month. If you dye your hair more frequently, use Logona Rhassoul Mineral Clay. Avoid using shampoos that contain silicone – it prevents natural pigments from attaching to hair surface.

2. Dyeing your hair. Depends on the hair dye type (cream or powder)

 If you use the powder then mix it according to the instructions on the package. The powder may be mixed with hot water or:

Golden Blonde and Sahara shades – with brewed chamomile tea (5-6 sachets to 375 ml of water). For the golden effect add a pinch of turmeric powder.

Henna Red, Flame Red, Mahogany, Walnut Red Brown – with hot water, with a bit of a red wine or pomegranate juice.

Chestnut Brown, Natural Brown, Brown Umber, Henna Black, Chocolate Brown, Coffee Brown, Henna Black Intense – with brewed black tea or coffee.

After you prepare the mixture, let it cool off and then apply it to your hair using a special brush and separating the strands. Cover your hair with the enclosed cap and with a towel. The heat (from the sunlight or the blow dryer) increases the effect and speeds up the coloration process.

If you use Logona Color Cream, everything is much simple – squeeze the cream out of the tube and apply to your hair.

You can also mix the Color Creams with the powders:

All the blonde shades could be mixed with Indian Summer or Copper blonde creams

All the red shades with Tizian or Teak cream

Nougat brown can be mixed with all the brownish shades

Logona Henna Black is not recommended to use alone (especially on gray or blonde hair) without mixing it with another shade. Start by preparing the mixture with 10% of Henna Black and 90% of another shade (Brown Umber, Mahogany, Walnut Red Brown etc.) and gradually increase the proportion of Henna Black to 30%. Henna Black helps to achieve darker, deeper shade. The new Henna Black Intense can be used alone on gray hair (please perform a strand test anyway).

3. After color treatment. After indicated time has passed rinse your hair with water and apply Logona Color Conditioner – a special conditioner designed to seal the deal. This unique product is enriched with burdock root extract, wheat protein, phytosterols and fatty acids. It smoothes the hair surface, closes the hair shaft and infuses your hair with shine and brightness. Apply Color Conditioner to damp hair and comb through. Wait for a few minutes and rinse. Later you can use this conditioner after each shampooing.

Logona also offers three Color Care shampoos specially designed to pamper your colored hair:

- Chamomile with chamomile extract, calendula, silk and wheat proteins – for all blonde shades

- Henna with natural henna, walnut shells, calendula and silk - for all reddish shades

- Hazelnut with walnut shells, indigo, calendula and silk – for all brown and black shades


Just trust the nature to take care of your beauty and give it a try with Logona’s pure and effective formulas. Discover the beautiful shades of nature and you will be just impressed as we are!