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Pomegranates are simply bursting with health – they contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Moreover, the whole fruit is processed: the juice and oil is pressed from the seeds, the extract is derived from the seeds as well as the cortex.

LOGONA BIO Pomegranate&Q10 cosmetic series was developed using these 3 valuable ingredients: pulp, juice and bark extract of pomegranates. This powerful combination provides the skin with strong regenerating impulses: it stimulates collagen synthesis and helps the skin to retain its elasticity and firmness. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are a true youth elixir protecting the skin against the occurrence of first signs of aging.

Pomegranates are processed in Logona laboratories retaining their best qualities: pomegranate juice and oil are cold-pressed and coenzyme Q10 is obtained using the most advanced biotechnology.

Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 Firming Day cream is instantly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft. The regular use of the cream, which is enriched with pomegranate seed oil, extract and juice plus valuable coenzyme Q10, helps the skin to neutralize free radicals and restores damaged cells. The cream also protects the skin from occurrence of the first signs of aging and smoothes the existing wrinkles. Light and creamy texture and delicate fragrance leave you with smooth and moisturized skin.

Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 Firming Eye cream touches the delicate skin around the eyes like a wizard, removing the signs of fatigue and smoothing the wrinkles. Active ingredients extracted from pomegranate and sea algae deeply moisturize and soothe the sensitive skin. Coenzyme Q10 gently tones the skin and protects against negative environmental effects.

Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 Firming Night cream is taking care of your skin all night. Oils of pomegranate, grape seed, coconut and sweet almond plus cocoa butter and Q10 generously moisturize and nourish the skin, stimulate cell regeneration and prepare the skin for the relaxing beauty sleep. In the morning the skin is fresh and radiant.

Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 Firming Serum awakens your skin cells and promotes their regeneration. The concentrated serum combines organic oils of pomegranate seeds, grape seeds and coconut, the extracts of beetroot, apples and seaweed plus Q10 which provide the effective care for stressed and dry skin. The texture is very pleasant and easy to apply, the serum is quickly absorbed, penetrates deeply by smoothing and moisturizing the skin.

While taking care of your face do not forget to pamper the skin of your neck, décolleté, knees, elbows and hips.

Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 Creamy Shower gel gently cleanses and tones the skin. The oils of pomegranate seeds, sunflower and grape seeds deeply moisturize. The extract of rosemary and coenzyme Q10 act as powerful antioxidants, protecting and restoring the skin.

Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 Firming body oil pampers the skin after showering and/or during gentle massage. Pomegranate extract and seed oil combined with organic soy bean and olive oils enrich the skin with moisture and restore its elasticity. The coenzyme Q10 protects against free radicals and supports skin youthful appearance.

Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 Firming body lotion abundantly nourishes and moisturizes the stressed skin keeping it supple and soft. Organic pomegranate oil and seed extract regenerate skin cells while shea butter and coconut oil nurture and soften. Coenzyme Q10 protects against free radicals and support skin’s inner functions.

Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 Hand cream nourishes the demanding skin. The quickly absorbed cream softens rough skin and allows you to enjoy the silky feeling all day long. The oils of pomegranate seeds and coconuts plus shea butter deeply moisturize and restore skin’s elasticity. Powerful coenzyme Q10 strengthens the protective function of the skin.

When you crave for a change you start to take care of your body, find a reliable coach and follow his instructions. Logona BIO Pomegranate&Q10 could become the best personal coach for your skin!