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Logona cosmetics - free delivery over 30 GBP

Logona herbal hair dyes is world’s only organic alternative to the conventional permanent hair dyes. With Logona you will enjoy an intense and vivid hair colour without compromising your health. And you can change your hair colour as often as you want!

Logona hair dyes, unlike the synthetic ones, do not penetrate the hair and do not mess with original hair pigment. They adhere to your hair surface and cover it with a protective glaze. Thus making hair thicker and fuller, more elastic and shiny.

You can find all the detailed information about Logona hair dyes here.

Which shade to choose?

Light skin and blue/grey eyes match perfectly with Logona Golden Blonde or Copper Blonde. Both give your hair a subtle honey hue.

Walnut Red Brown and Natural Brown will suit you well if you are into enjoying natural hazelnut tones. If your hair is light by nature you can darken it without the risk of making too red.

To add some fiery sparks into your hair and for really red shades go for Indian Summer, Sahara, Flame Red and Henna Red.

Tizian and Mahogany will be loved by those who prefer rich cherry shades. Henna Black and Coffee Brown will infuse your hair with dark coffee color, which is very close to black but not black.

The most popular shades – Brown Umber and Chocolate Brown guarantee  intense brown shades with tiny red hints. Indigo, henna and other plant pigments combined together produce  nice and balanced chocolate shade.

Logona color chart is very helpful for choosing a right color.

But if you are still having some doubts, please, contact us and we will give you all the answers!