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Logona Shampoos composing
LOGONA hair care enhances the natural beauty of the hair with a range of active complexes that have been carefully adapted to each hair type, combined with mild, plant-based surfactants.

Washing, blow-drying, styling: our hair receives a good portion of our attention every day, but it doesn’t always make things easy for us. Too dry, too greasy, too fine, dandruff, no shine or volume – hardly anyone is completely happy with their hair. Today, natural cosmetics work with a wide range of natural ingredients and effective active combinations that are carefully adapted to each specific hair type. Nevertheless, it is not only the ingredients of a shampoo that determine the results, but also the cleansing substances (surfactants). Surfactants have a widely varying character. They can be extremely scathing and can seriously irritate the scalp. This has consequences. Most hair problems are in actual fact not hair problems, but rather scalp problems.

1.If the scalp produces too little sebum, the hair becomes too dry and brittle

2.If the sebaceous glands are overstimulated, hair becomes greasy.

Strongly irritating surfactants only serve to upset all scalp types further, with the corresponding consequences for the hair. In its selection and combination of surfactants, LOGONA Natural Cosmetics has been setting the benchmark for nearly two decades. One milestone along the way was the development of the first completely natural shampoos with mild, plant-based surfactants, which were launched in 1994. LOGONA was also a pioneer in the use of the mildest of all surfactants, the so-called amino-acid-based surfactants. These are the best the surfactant market has to offer, and are several times more expensive than other surfactants. In 2013, LOGONA Natural Cosmetics celebrates its 35th birthday – and it all began with a shampoo. The group’s kitchen became a makeshift laboratory for the creation of initial formulas, whilst the first products were made in a converted garage.

LOGONA natural cosmetics
From a wide range of Logona shampoos you will definitely choose the right one. All LOGONA shampoos are suitable for daily use.

  • For thinning hair - Age Energy Shampoo Organic Caffeine & Goji Berry gently cleans and cares for hair with invigorating organic caffeine and mineral-rich organic goji berries, ginkgo and bamboo for natural smoothness and new volume.
  • For dry and damaged hair - Repair Shampoo Ginkgo restores a healthy structure and glossy good looks to your dry, damaged hair.
  • For brittle and frizzy hair - Cream Shampoo Bamboo moisturises and strengthens the hair structure with its unique creamy formula.
  • For thin and limp hair - Volume Shampoo Honey Beer delivers visible improvement to the volume, elasticity and strength.
  • For dry and irritated scalp -  Sensitive Shampoo Organic Acacia gently cleans hair and cares for the scalp with selected mild ingredients and a soothing moisturizing complex made with madonna lily, organic pomegranate extract and organic horsetail.
  • For greasy hair and sensitive scalp - Balance Shampoo Lemon Balm effectively balances your scalp with soothing Melissa, wheat bran and silk protein.
  • For scalp prone to dandruff - Treatment Shampoo Juniper that soothes your itchy, irritated, flaky scalp and gently cleanses your hair.
  • For normal hair and the whole family - Essential Care Shampoo Nettles that provides gentle, effective cleanliness and glossy good looks.

If you wish to keep your hair colour vivid and bright and to enhance the highlights choose from three LOGONA Colour care shampoos: Chamomile - for blonde hair, Henna – for red and auburn hair and Hazelnut – for brown and black hair.

All LOGONA shampoos carry the international Na True label for certified natural cosmetics, in addition to the BDIH label. You can find more information about this label at