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Damaged hair, sun-induced wrinkles, a fading tan? With the right care, you can get your skin and hair back to their radiant best and keep that "just-holidayed" look for even longer.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a dose of sea and sun. Unfortunately, these put your skin and hair under serious strain. And it’s easy to see why; after all, there are two sides to every story. Take the sun, for example. Whilst it enhances our sense of well-being, it also damages the outer layers of our skin, reduces its elasticity and stimulates wrinkle formation – particularly if your skin is already prone to dryness or sensitivity.

Sea salt also has its benefits and drawbacks. It’s simply great for the skin, restoring, reducing impurities and activating its metabolism. For the hair, however, it’s nothing less than poison. As your hair dries after you leave the sea, the water evaporates and the remaining salt strips your hair of its moisture and oils – the perfect conditions for dull straw-like hair. And so, for many, the best weeks of the year end with stubborn hair, rough skin and dryness wrinkles, and that beautiful tan disappears in the blink of an eye. But an effective post-holiday care regime – particularly one that involves natural ingredients – can eliminate these side effects quickly and efficiently. Aloe vera, for example, is a powerful all-rounder for regenerating skin, and is especially good for moisturising. But sun-damaged skin needs more than just moisture to regain its balance, and more than just your daily cream. An emulsion-based mask makes the ideal addition to your routine, giving damaged skin everything it needs: oils (particularly plant oils), moisture and active ingredients that nourish and moisturise, minimise wrinkles and smooth and strengthen the skin. In the summer months, a highly effective gel is perfect for refreshing and firming the eye area.

If your hair is in need of repair, use a shampoo to improve structure, a good conditioner and an intensive regenerating treatment, and see straw-like hair quickly return to its former low-maintenance, voluminous and shiny glory.


LOGONA natural cosmetics

Give sun-damaged hair the treat it deserves with the Organic Rose & Aloe Relaxation Mask. With almond and apricot kernel oil, as well as an effective moisturising complex to balance the skin, this perfectly complements the LOGONA Organic 
Rose (dry skin) and Organic Aloe (sensitiv
e skin) care ranges. The Organic Rose & Aloe Eye Gel invigorates and refreshes dry and sensitive skin around the eye. And there’s a triple bill of products just waiting to regenerate your damaged straw-like hair: Ginkgo Repair Shampoo, the moisturising Conditioner Spray and the intensive Jojoba Repair Hair Treatment with its high-quality plant oils and structure-improving