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Nomination – Excellence in Skin Care. Winner – Logona Daily Care

If we had to choose one plant that deserves to receive the nomination of 'lifetime skin care contributor', Aloe Vera would be the first to come to mind. In ancient times the strikingly beautiful Cleopatra herself devoted much praise to this healing plant and included it in almost all her beauty treatments. Logona, a well-established German manufacturer of organic cosmetics, has made Aloe Vera one of the main ingredients in the range of cosmetic products for daily body, hair and face care and we have given it the simple name of Daily Care.

Cleopatra probably didn't ask a lot of questions about the skin’s structure and it's far more likely that her appreciation and love of Aloe Vera came about through seeing the incredible results of her beauty treatments. However modern women are far more meticulous about the products they use in their skin care and understand that Aloe Vera’s main function is to protect the skin against moisture loss. The biochemical composition of Aloe Vera works like magic – its moisture is absorbed 4 times deeper into the skin than that of water. What's more, this green, juicy plant infuses your skin with valuable beta-carotene, vitamins C, E and B12, calcium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium, selenium as well as enzymes and essential fatty acids. Aloe Vera also activates your natural cleansing process, allowing toxins to be easily eliminated through the skin.

Logona Daily Care product line with Aloe Vera and Verbena is designed for everyday skin and hair care and is suitable for every skin type – dry, sensitive, oily or a combination.

 Verbena, which complements the soothing Aloe Vera, adds a refreshing citrus-like aroma and energizing action to our cosmetic products.


Logona Daily Care Shower Gel is a mild and gentle cleanser with a delicate blend of natural ingredients such as soothing Aloe Vera extract and refreshing verbena and green lime.

Logona Daily Care Body Lotion is a wonderful combination of rich and natural skin softening ingredients, including nourishing Shea butter, moisturising Aloe Vera leaf extract and refreshing verbena. It is specifically designed to lightly and gently moisture your skin and penetrates quickly for daily use.

Logona Daily Care Body Oil is a perfect blend of certified organic oils ideal for cleansing, moisturising and massaging your skin.

Logona Organic Aloe and Verbena Skin Cream offers you deep nourishing hydration for your face and body, with a fresh and pleasant verbena aroma to delight the senses.

Logona Daily Care Hand Soap contains a high quality blend of soothing calendula, moisturising Aloe Vera and revitalising verbena. This gentle soap is the ideal product when you need to wash your hands frequently or your skin is dry and rough.

Logona Daily Care Hand Cream contains jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and Shea butter for their powerful hydrating properties. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and won't leave a greasy film, keeping your hands soft and youthful.

Logona Daily Care Shampoo contains mild foaming agents as well as refreshing verbena and moisturising Aloe Vera which deeply hydrates your hair and scalp. It is also free of any synthetic colours, preservatives or fragrances.

Logona Daily Care Conditioner with Organic Aloe and Verbena is recommended for all hair types and is perfect for daily use. Its blend of moisturising Aloe Vera extract, refreshing verbena and nurturing jojoba and almond oils provides great overall moisture to your hair making it shiny, smooth and manageable.

Logona Daily Care Deodorant Spray contains organic aloe and lemony Verbena, creating a light and refreshing scent. This gentle skin-pampering deodorant creates a protective cover on your skin and moisturises it without disturbing its natural respiration process.


If your skin is very sensitive, we recommend Logona Daily Care Sensitive product range with organic Aloe Vera, restorative and soothing Vanilla, and moisturising jojoba and liquorice.

Logona Daily Care Sensitive Shower Gel is a superb mild cleanser with soothing Aloe Vera extract and natural vanilla that will not only moisturise dry skin, but also create a sweet aroma which calms and relaxes.

Logona Daily Care Sensitive Body Lotion is made with beneficial botanical ingredients including organic Aloe Vera, jojoba, Shea butter and calendula. A formula well suited to sensitive skin and gentle enough for children and for daily use.

Logona Daily Care Sensitive Hand Soap with moisturising Aloe Vera, warming vanilla and soothing chamomile creates a luxurious, soft foam which is gentle enough for frequent use.

Logona Daily Care Sensitive Hand Cream with Aloe Vera, Shea butter and jojoba is designed to provide all your hand care treatment while leaving them silky smooth and hydrated without teh worry of irritation or allergic reaction.

Logona Daily Care Sensitive Cream includes organic oils such as olive, jojoba, soybean and Shea butter. Unlike harsh perfumes, this cream is scented with only pure natural vanilla. This cream is ideal for winter use and protects your skin from dryness, wind and cold weather. It’s natural and gentle ingredients also make it suitable for use on children’s skin.

Logona Daily Care Sensitive Deodorant Roll On features a mild and soothing composition with aloe and chamomile as well as a hydrating hops extract. It has a luxurious and creamy texture which rolls on smoothly to offer you freshness all day long.


We invite you and your family to experience the great power of Aloe Vera together with Logona Daily Care!