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Cupid’s Bow or Heart Shaped, thin-line or exaggerated, pouting, gentle or understated; lips.  Poets have waxed lyrical and artists carefully depicted women’s lips throughout the ages. In their turn, women throughout the ages have embellished and adorned them.  It’s one part of your face that attracts a lot of attention, maybe more than you might think.

Every woman knows the power her lips embody.  We also know their tiny imperfections in detail.  Since Egyptian times (and long before) make-up has been one weapon in our armoury to gloss over these errors of nature.  Logona cosmetics knows that every woman wants to look her best and that every woman, on occasion, needs a little help to do so.  Offering a range of lip products, and also offering innovative solutions, that employ some natural tricks (courtesy of Mother Nature) to help you look and feel your best. 

Natural Logona decorative cosmetics have a double effect: they not only adorn but also protect our assets.  Combining anti-aging ingredients to both reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone, Logona incorporates the glittering, dazzling vitality of gemstones (such as amethyst, rock crystal and amber) in their cosmetics range. The natural anti-aging complex is enriched with cranberry extract which is rich in anti-oxidants; apple seed extract which smoothes wrinkles and brown algae extract (yes, girls, sounds bad so it must be good for us) that evens the skin tone.

You can choose from three different Logona lip make-up products or combine all of them to create your own unique look:


Logona lipsticks

As we all know, the
right lipstick can give us just the confidence boost that we need to get through the day. Feeling glamorous and elegant comes naturally, whatever the day may throw at us, with the perfect shade of lipstick; it may only be the finishing touch to our beauty regime but as we all know the devil is in the detail. 

Quality also counts, when it comes to those details; ensuring you have the highest quality helps to add that touch of elegance and sophistication, while the beneficial ingredients nourish the sensitive skin of your lips.  Logona Lipsticks pamper your lips with high quality ingredients including almond, castor and jojoba oils. The natural waxes, including beeswax, carnauba and candelilla, will nourish, protect and lock in natural moisture on your lips.  Choose from ten elegant colours including skin tones or dramatic, bold colours.


Logona double lip pencils

Give your lips that perfect finishing touch to make them look elegant (kissable even!). Logona wooden lip pencils can be used as a lip liner pencil, as a lip gloss or even a lipstick. The colour combinations are harmonious and designed to complement each other, or to be used with your favourite Logona lipstick shade.

This excellent lip pencil is made with the finest natural ingredients in order to care for and pamper the sensitive skin of your lips. It is rich in botanical oils such as castor oil, shea butter and, again, waxes such as beeswax, carnauba and candelilla. These natural oils help to moisturise your lips and keep them soft, supple and healthy, not to mention youthful and beautiful. Our Logona Double Lip Pencil also contains anti-aging, organic, botanical ingredients including brown algae, apple seed extracts and cranberry seed oil. There is a palette of eight colours in the range, giving you a wide choice.


Logona lip glosses

Imagine a 
seductive lip gloss that not only makes your lips look glamorous and beautiful but also provides them with deep down nourishment!

Logona lip gloss products pamper your lips with nourishing herbal and botanical extracts, coating them in a glossy shine with colour that will really turn heads. The result for your lips is a feminine shimmer that proves irresistible.

This high quality botanical lip gloss not only creates a look that turns heads (and lips that seduce) but also contains hydrating oils including almond oil, castor oil, canola oil, sunflower oil and cranberry seed oil. These essential oils provide your lips with deep down moisture which keeps them soft and healthy. Logona Lip Glosses also contain soothing extract of Aloe Vera (for deep down hydration) as well as anti-aging brown algae extracts and complexes of apple seed. These high quality botanical ingredients work together to create a rich formula which will protect your lips while giving you a stylish glossy look; Logona offers an exquisite range of six different lip glosses