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Gentle care for naturally firm skin – the new care range with pure plant-based silica from rice.

Skin that stays firm – who doesn’t dream of it? As we get older, however, our skin loses suppleness, elasticity and moisture. Thankfully, the new LOGONA Silicium Vegetal care range gives it all back. Plant-based silica from rice hulls and soothing, moisturising aloe vera leave skin feeling firmer whilst providing extra-gentle care. And the best bit: LOGONA Silicium Vegetal consists of nothing more than pure, natural ingredients, produced using cutting-edge technology.

Actress, brand ambassador and the international face of LOGONA, Ursula Karven, chats to us about the new Silicium Vegetal range, luxury, practical care and natural boosting effects:

Ms Karven, you recently tried the new LOGONA Silicium Vegetal care range – what do you like about it?
‘I think it’s important to treat our skin well. If, instead of damaging it with petroleum-based products (mineral oils) and synthetic fragrances (perfume), there is a possibility to use pure ingredients produced naturally using state-of-the-art technology, then that is the epitome of luxury for me.’

How have you found it as part of your daily care regime?
‘I am really impressed by the new Silicium Vegetal range – the active agents of silicium and aloe vera return moisture to the skin and leave it feeling and looking firmer. The practical thing about the face cream is that it can be used both as a day and night cream. I also love the body lotion: it absorbs well and the skin immediately feels better. I like to use the shampoo and shower gel after exercising, as 2-in-1 products are very practical in such situations. And I can’t believe how easy it is to comb my hair after washing – even without conditioner!

To whom would you recommend the new LOGONA Silicium products?

‘Actually, I would recommend the range to anyone who wants straightforward, gentle and natural care. Silicium is very gentle on the skin and is therefore ideal for sensitive skin and children, too.’


 What does the ingredient silica mean to you?

‘For me, silicium is an indispensable component of nature – after oxygen, it is the second most abundant element on earth and also plays a vital role in our bodies. It keeps our tissues strong and elastic and is present, for example, in our skin, hair and nails. Since the body’s levels of silica decrease as we age, I think it’s fantastic that this can be compensated for with LOGONA Silicium Vegetal.

How does it work?
‘Vegetal silicium is made exclusively of plant-based silicium from rice hulls. In light of its water-soluble form, which is especially easy for our skin to absorb, the skin’s ability to bind moisture is increased and collagen production is stimulated – a natural boosting effect that leaves skin looking plumper.’