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Do you remember the moment you realized there is something wrong with the personal hygiene cosmetics you are currently using? What were your first thoughts? For me the defining moment was when I was brushing my teeth and suddenly realized that everything my toothpaste contained is absorbed by my body. Only then did I decide to examine the contents of my shampoo, lipstick, hair dye and facial cream.

Why is it so crucial to choose the right toothpaste? Not only because we repeat the brushing procedure at least twice a day or that young babies swallow toothpaste from the moment their first tooth appears. But also because the mucous membrane of our mouth is very permeable and toxins are easily absorbed by our bodies, entering the blood stream, and building up in the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and tissues. Conventional name-brand toothpastes and mouthwashes normally contain a generous amount of harmful ingredients that are included on the “black list”, such as SLS, parabens, aluminium, triclosan, propylene glycol, DEA etc.

What is the alternative? Fortunately, LOGONA offers a wide range of natural, preventative and protective Oral Care products under the LOGODENT name.

LOGONA utilizes the latest scientific research and a deep knowledge base of traditional herbalism when formulating LOGODENT oral care products for adults and children. Herbal ingredients such as echinacea, anise, green tea, clove oil and a 'saccharose ester' delay the development of tooth decay and plaque-producing bacteria. Myrrh, witch hazel, and chamomile strengthen gums and help prevent infection. Natural silica and sea salt provide the fine particulates that help your toothbrush gently remove plaque build-up, without damaging tooth enamel. The foaming cleansers contain only the gentlest sudsing agents. Sodium lauryl sulfate and other aggressive surfactants are completely absent. All LOGODENT products are also totally free of synthetic fluoride. And they contain no synthetic preservatives, colours, or fragrances.


From the first tooth

As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children develop healthy habits when it comes to dental care. We are the ones who teach them to brush their teeth thoroughly every morning and evening and with Logona Kids Strawberry or Spearmint Dental Gels it is possible to make the teeth cleaning experience both fun and positive.

These yummy gels are flavoured with natural strawberry and natural Spearmint and coloured with plant-based colourants. They do not contain any synthetic fragrances, colours or flavours. They are made from the finest natural ingredients that have been specially chosen for their beneficial effects on your child’s teeth.

These high quality natural organic dental gels also contain extracts of green tea and Echinacea which prevent the buildup of bacteria on the teeth. Natural Witch hazel, myrrh and chamomile provide the gentle care your child’s sensitive gums need while also aiding the prevention of infection. A small amount of fine silica is included in the dental gel which, along with the brush, helps to gently remove plaque from the teeth.

The freshness of herbs and the strength of sea minerals

Logodent Sea Salt Toothpaste contains sea salt and silica, which provide fine particulates that help your toothbrush to remove plaque build-up gently without causing damage to your tooth enamel. It also contains rosemary and commiphora which are anti-bacterial agents and help to prevent the development of tooth decay and reduce plaque-producing bacteria. Sage extract and clove oil provide an invigorating taste which will wake you up in the morning.

Logodent Natural White toothpaste provides extra-gentle cleansing and a naturally mild whitening for teethHighly effective silica abrasives remove stains on the teeth gently without harming the enamel and provide a gradual, gentle whitening of the teeth. Sage works as an astringent and prevents inflammation.

Logodent Peppermint Toothpaste offers high quality effective dental care for the entire family. This effective toothpaste contains calcium carbonate which works to strengthen tooth enamel as well as natural peppermint oil  to freshen your breath. Natural silica and sea salt provide fine particulates that help your toothbrush to remove plaque buildup gently without being too abrasive.

Logodent Herbal Peppermint Dental Gel is a gentle cleanser with very low sudsing action that will pamper your teeth with soothing and healing dental care. It contains a combination of herbs which are chosen for their beneficial effects on teeth and gums, including green tea, anise, clove oil and Echinacea. These healing herbs help to reduce the development of tooth decay and prevent plaque-producing bacteria forming in the mouth.

Logodent Mineral Toothpaste contains sea salt and silica, which provide fine particulates that help your toothbrush remove plaque build-up in a gentle way without causing damage to your tooth enamel. It also contains green tea and clove oil which are anti-bacterial agents that help to prevent the development of tooth decay and reduce plaque-producing bacteria. Algae extract and calcium carbonate help you to maintain the healthy mineral structure of your tooth enamel. This natural toothpaste also contains refreshing spearmint oils and peppermint for an invigorating taste that helps you start each new day feeling fresh.

Logodent Herbal Dental Gel contains no menthol or mint of any type, so it is safe to use and will not act as an antidote to your homeopathic treatment. Its mild formula is perfect for people with sensitive gums and it contains rosemary, sage and Echinacea which all work together to reduce inflammation in the gums.

Logona Sensitive Toothpaste contains no harsh abrasives and contains only natural ingredients that help to fill in sensitive exposed roots with potassium chloride and effectively eliminate tooth sensitivity. This high quality natural toothpaste also contains witch hazel, chamomile and sage which have an anti-inflammatory effect and are also mild anti-bacterial agents which cleanse your teeth thoroughly without damaging tooth enamel. Logona Sensitive Toothpaste also contains gentle silica gel particles which clean your teeth with a mild abrasive action.

Final step – herbal mouthwash

Logodent herbal mouthwash concentrate contains gentle and nourishing ingredients such as sage, myrrh and propolis as well as a combination of essential oils which help to care for the gums and promote pleasantly fresh breath. These natural herbal ingredients, along with green tea, clove oil, Echinacea, anise and more, help to prevent tooth decay by directly attacking plaque producing bacteria.