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Today, as a woman, I want to address men. I am going to reveal a tiny secret about how we, women and girls, love to classify you. In other words, divide you into categories (sometimes we go even further by creating a set of complex mental categories). These categories are innumerable, but they are more in line with the types of men out there, namely: brutal, metro-sexual and normal.

Now, a little information about each type:

“Brutal”- Guys like to be brutal. This type of guys doesn’t tend to waste unnecessary money and energy on things like nail files and hair dryers. When deciding what shower gel to choose, you ignore the smell – potatoes, turmeric, sea fresh? What’s the difference! However, women often underestimate the amount of time and effort you put in to stay just the way you were created by nature. Perhaps a bit nicer looking than our human ancestors who roamed the earth millions of years ago, but at the same-time embracing your natural state. Remember – even though you may have a brutal style and 5-day-old beard, a good quality shower gel and a deodorant could really enhance your natural charm.

“Metro-sexual”- This type of man is a complete contrast compared to those that fall into the brutal bracket. Guys like this might not be the “macho” type and radiate inner masculinity, but they are always elegant and neat. If you belong to this type, you probably like to visit trendy clothing stores, you realize what a good men’s perfume is, and you know how to handle your hair so girls think you’ve just left the hairdressers. Unfortunately, this type of guys is at risk of encountering problems. Sometimes they can overdo the – fragrances, accessories, hair gel and so on.

“Normal”- This type of man poses the biggest problem and you fall into this bracket if you’re neither “brutal” nor “metro-sexual”. Of course, what’s considered to be normal is different for everyone, but as a rule of thumb think about these points. Perhaps you’re manly but no to the point of brutal? Or, you care about how you look but also the way you smell. In other words, you never smell like you’ve just left the gym! If this is you, many girls will put you into the “normal” bracket of men.

To sum up, you will not be able to live without high-quality men’s cosmetics, not only so you can charm the ladies, but also so you’re content with the way you look and feel. You do take a shower, shave, use a deodorant and style your hair. You prefer that your cosmetic products smell pleasant, are comfortable to use, and above all, protect your health and the environment. We are confident that the new Logona Mann cosmetics range for men with Ginkgo biloba and natural caffeine will find a place in your bathroom, and these functional yet effective products will become your loyal friends.


Logona Mann Shaving Cream

Caring classics

The creamy texture softens coarse hair and helps your razor to glide gently and carefully over the surface of your skin. The cream has a balanced pH level, organic extracts of Ginkgo biloba and caffeine, plus natural hyaluronic acid to help prevent irritation and redness. Wood and spices give a special feeling of freshness.

Logona Mann shaving foam

Tender yet effective

Liquorice root, Ginkgo biloba extract and natural caffeine protect skin from irritation and dryness, whilst the blade glides gently over the skin. Wood and spices fill the skin with the ultimate in freshness.

After shaving

Logona Mann aftershave lotion

Invigorating and stimulating

The delicate aroma of wood creates a special mood. Anti-inflammatory liquorice root extract and antibacterial Gingko biloba, along with toning caffeine refresh and moizturize the  skin after shaving.

Logona Mann Aftershave Balm

Soothes irritation

Gentle hints of spice wood in this balm are enriched with revitalizing caffeine, skin strengthening Ginkgo biloba extract and nourishing Shea butter, plus almond oil and natural hyaluronic acid help with the overall effect. This powerful combination of ingredients hydrates the skin and brings softness and a feeling of freshness.

Logona Mann Anti-wrinkle fluid

Youthful impulse to your skin

Energizing caffeine and invigorating Ginkgo biloba extract plus skin firming coenzyme Q10, along with hyaluronic acid and natural sea algae extract moisturize and reduce wrinkles. The fluid is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. It is suitable even for the most sensitive skin around the eyes.


Logona Mann shampoo&shower gel 2-in-1

An energetic start to the day

This revitalizing formula is made from soft vegetable foaming materials, organic caffeine and Ginkgo biloba extract plus Aloe Vera extract. It mildly cleanses the body and hair without drying them out. The woody aroma gives confidence and refreshes you from top to toe!

Logona Mann body lotion

Protection and care

Included in this body lotion are exotic aromas of wood and precious ingredients including: Ginkgo biloba, caffeine, cocoa and Shea butters replenish the skin with moisture and give it an abundance of freshness. Ideal for use after sports workouts.

Logona Mann deodorant spray

Confidence all day long

Organic Ginkgo biloba and caffeine, together with hyaluronic acid provide freshness and prevent unpleasant odours, but still allow the skin to breathe. This deodorant does not leave stains on your clothes and is extremely easy to apply.

Logona Mann Hair Styling Gel

A long lasting style

It is designed to hold your hair in a long lasting style without drying it out. This high quality hair gel contains the stimulating effects of organic caffeine and the strengthening power of gingko biloba. Whether you like your hair to be spiky, flat or curly you will be able to achieve the style you desire and look great all day long with this gluten free and vegan hair gel.