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Herbal Hair Color Black

Give your hair a boost, the natural way. Sante Herbal Hair Colour in Chestnut Brownis free from all harsh chemicals and is completely vegan and BDIH certified. This gentle and natural herbal hair colour will give your hair a permanent colouring as well as a deeply conditioned glow. Black shade is perfectly suited for dark brown to black hair

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It’s fun to experiment with different hair colours and change up your look every now and then. However, it is not fun to suffer the damage that frequent use of harsh chemical hair dyes can do to your hair. Using these types of hair dyes on a regular basis can leave your hair dry and brittle and can cause split ends and breakage. You can give your hair a deep conditioning treatment to try to salvage it, but this will only glue the damage back together temporarily because once your hair has been damaged in this way by peroxide, ammonia and other chemical compounds then it will never really be the same.

However, with Sante Herbal Hair Colours you will be able to experiment with your colour while still keeping your hair healthy and shiny. This is because Sante Herbail Hair Colours are made with no ammonia, no peroxide and no harsh chemical ingredients. Instead, these hair colours use natural botanical extracts that will change the colours of your hair subtly and enhance your own natural colour.

Why not try it today and give yourself a colour makeover that will leave your hair looking healthier than ever before?

How to Use

To apply the hair colour treatment, read the instruction on the packet carefully. Always perform a strand test in advance to see how your hair will react to the dye.


Sante Herbal Hair Colours cannot be used to lighten hair, as this requires removing pigment from the hair shaft and is damaging. They can only add a flattering tint to your natural colour. 

IngredientsIndigofera Tinctoria (Indigo) Leaf Powder, Indigofera Argentea (Indigo) Leaf Powder, Betain, Algin
This serie descriptionSANTE plant-based hair colors are colors to feel good. The shades do not only look natural they are indeed purely natural. SANTE plant-based hair colors are EXTREMLY GENTLE, LONG LASTING AND NOURISHING WHILE DYEING. Starting from a fine- harmonizing change in hair color up to a complete color change: It is very easy to change your style with refined highlights and lowlights - no matter if your hair has its natural color or is already colored with plant-based colors.
Gluten freeYes