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Caring natural formulas of Logona and Sante hair conditioners and hair masks for every hair type.

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  • LOGONA Bio Inca Inchi Hair Repair Oil was specifically designed for the needs of weakened, damaged hair and dry scalp. Natural repair formula with bio Inca inchi, argan and grape seed oils supports brittle hair, nourishes and helps the hair avoid breakage. The intensive care complex with burdock seed oil gives hair a shiny, smooth look without weighing it...

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  • Restore the bounce and vitality of your hair with Logona Blowdry Styler with Bamboo. This refreshing spray contains several active botanicals including birch, bamboo, camomile and extract of hops which will give your hair some invigorating lift and protect it against the excessive heat of your blow dryer.   

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  • This high quality conditioner gives your hair tender loving care by pampering it with organic plant extracts to give it silky shine and healthy volume. You will be able to feel a difference in the softness and vitality of your hair. Enjoy the luxurious hair care effects of this gluten free and vegan conditioner, for a very affordable price. 

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  • Logona Conditioner Spray is designed to protect and nourish your hair, smoothing your tangles, caring for split ends and deeply moisturising your hair. It contains natural betaine, which is present within healthy hair and will improve your hair’s water retention by 40% as well as protect it from harmful environmental factors. 

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  • LOGONA Bio Argan Oil Shine Conditioner is specifically designed for the needs of brittle, damaged hair. The natural shine formula with bio argan, apricot and inca inchi oils as well as natural betaine gives the hair a silky shine, makes it feel soft and smooth and supports the natural hair structure. The creamy texture gives the hair a relaxed feel...

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Showing 13 - 17 of 17 items