My tight friendship with clay lasted for many years. In my twenties I used to mix all kinds of cosmetic clay (blue, green, black) and had absolutely no idea where it came from and how exactly it worked. I just felt it pampers my skin. Then my three years old son was scared to see his mom wearing a clay mask and looking like American Indian. Later...  Anyway, my beauty routine has always included clay in one form or another. Actually I have been trying to discover clay which would provide softness to my skin and lustre to my hair. And price was an issue too! That’s why I was so happy to discover Logona Lavaerde clay products300 gr and 150 gr powders and premixed washing gels out of clay and essential oils.

Logona Lavaerde Rhassoul clay. Deep inside Atlas mountains lie enormous layers of the Rhassoul clay. It has been used for beauty treatments for more than 1400 years. This clay has a unique ability to gently cleanse both the skin and the hair. It binds together and removes dead skin cells, bacteria and other impurities without stripping down the protective skin layer. At the same time Rhassoul clay infuses skin with natural minerals such as silicium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Due to its emollient and nourishing properties Rhassoul clay is perfect to use even if you have sensitive skin which is prone to allergies and scalp prone to dandruff.

Logona White Kaolin clay. It is a clay that is commonly used in cosmetics. Kaolin clay is very gentle – and thus suitable even for a very sensitive skin. It contains a variety of minerals, which can detoxify scalp and improve its blood circulation. If you dream of fast growing hair, do not hesitate and start washing your hair with clay! And if you start using this clay for face and body cleansing you will soon discover how it removes grease and dirt without causing any discomfort because by regulating skin’s moisture level. Kaolin facial masks are perfect for people suffering from Rosacea (distinct skin capillaries).

How to use:

Facial mask – mix required amount of clay (usually 1-2 teaspoons) with water or hydrolate to a creamy consistency. You may add a few drops of essential oil (for oily and combination skin choose tea tree, sage, rosemary; for normal to dry skin – lavender, rose, orange) and even mix in a teaspoon of natural yogurt. Apply the mask on clean skin and let it stay for 5-15 minutes. Do not let it dry on your face (spray with toner or hydrolate).

Facial cleansing – please note that clays does not remove makeup, but is ideal to use after make up has been taken off for a deep pore cleansing. You can also apply it in a morning in place of a regular facial cleanser. The application process is very simple: dust some powder to the palm of your hand, mix  it  with water and gently massage your face and neck. Then wash with water and spray with a toner.

Washing hair. Both types of Lavaerde clays could be used as hair shampoo. Here is how:

1. Premix clay with water (herbal tea, hydrolate). Massage the paste into wet hair beginning from the roots. Let it stay for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with water. You can even prepare a larger amount of the shampoo and store it in the fridge for 1 week  - just remember to dilute it with hot water before each wash. After the rinse you can use a hair conditioner or just rinse your hair with water with few drops of apple vinegar or lemon juice.

2. Massage clay powder into dry hair and scalp and then wash your hair as described above.

Body wash – basically the same as face wash. You will just need more clay. Massage it into damp skin and rinse with water. After doing so you will see that body moisturizer is no longer needed as your skin will become soft and smooth.

If you in a rush and have no minute to spare for mixing clay with water, grab one of two Logona Lavaerde washing gels:

Lavaerde Rhassoul Patchouli Cleansing gel and Kaolin Lotus cleansing gel are formulated for face, hair and body wash. They are convenient to use - simply squeeze some out of the tube and follow the directions above. These cleansers are perfect to use on the go.

I do believe my friendship with clay had grown even stronger. May be it is a time for you to strike your own?